Témoignage de Navneet Kumar Saxena

We are running a spiritual society, Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It was started by my Grandfather, Shri Ram Chandra ji maharaj of Shahjahanpur. He left his physical body in 1983.
After leaving his physical body One of his disciples came up with a forged nomination which evident from the document itself to a layman with typewriting used twice and even the printed name of socity of emblem are not in aligned to each other as is in case of Printed letter heads. Moreso no where in text has he been nominated as the President of the society Shri Ram Chandra Mission. These are onle some of the startling facts of the document.
There was however a nomination given by the founder in name of my father Sh. Umesh Chandra which was in line with constitution & byelaws of the society then registered way back in 1945. He was accepted as president in 1984 by the Managing Committee of the society.
Law of UP Society Act changed in 1984 to election since then we are following the law and after Sh. Umesh Chadra ji's unnatural death in 2003 his son Navneet Kumar have been elected as the President by the Elected body.
Atrocities of the disciple claiming President ship in 1984 increased ever since I have taken over. he started a parallel society in the same name with its Head Quarters at Chennai.
We are seeking justice ever since 1984. but are not getting the same from all the courts because of reasons below:
He has appointed sitting and ex judges of Allahabad High court in his legal committee, Sitting & Ex IAS officers, Businessman, Foreign Nationals, and Retd. IPS Officers who seemingly are not only influencing the judicial but also Administrative Authorities, who on our face agree that we are talking legal but who either dismiss out petitions or give judgements/orders against us. Many a times if u notice the findings they are in our favour but judgement is not. Moreover he has aides of fund and money from India and abroad too.
He claims himself as Guru but as per the literature of my grandfather there shall be no more Guru other than him. Others shall be his successors and he shall act through the spiritual representative. Moreover even his literature and his last letter clearly states that he has not appointed the Alleged disciple as his successor and that he has nominated his spritual representative in Direct ine of succession which was as per the constitution & Bye law of the society and the act at the time of his physical demise.
Moreso the alleged disciple has also changed the constitution to suit him, but the change fortunately has not been accepted by the Registrar of Societies.
Aides of the said alleged claimant have not only harassed us mentally but also attempted on our lives several times as the alleged disciple had done with his Guru. Which is clearly evident from the notorised last letter of the founder president Shri Ram Chandra ji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur.
He has been misguiding the public at large since over Two decades now. This is being continued due to delayed justice.
Recently last year his aides Ex IPS Officer, Ex IAS Officer and Ex Judicial Officers came in into our Ashram with 150 people and attacked wife of Sh. Umesh Chandra, who is above 60 years of age and Sh. Amresh Kumar the Ashram Incharege who is about 65 years of age in presence of Police security which was provided by then DM & SP of Shahjahanpur. On the plea of the victims being beaten by the crowd also the police did not move a wee bit and people who opposed were beaten and pushed out of Ashram by Police officials. The police and Administration of Shahjahanpur, UP supported them there was a call from Mrs. Umesh Chandra's son to the SP too when the incident was taking place as someone informed her son about the incident on his mobile, who was at Mumbai at that point of time. SP refused to offer help and stated I cannot do anything sorry. and he later stopped picking up his phone.
Both sufferred injuries and they were taken by our advocate who arrived at the incident spot a while later were taken toand went to the Civil Hospital where the Medical report clearly states that they were beaten had bruises and with possibility of internal injury. The victims went to the police station to file FIR they refused to register saying No One in Shahjahanpur will file your FIR. They faxed the FIR to the DM copy to the Chief Secretary of UP and later even to the court. But the FIR is not filed as yet. The case is pending at this point of time too.
There have been incidents of even placing High Court of Allahabad orders in district court even before the hearing of case at the High court took place and the order was released. This was reported with proof to the CJI. CJI has ordered enquiry which also we know would die its unnatural death as other enquiries of the President of India, Vice President of India, The Prime Minister of India has died its unnatural injustice death.
If such a a person claims to be spiritual GURU like personality how humanely is he acting can be visible but no action whatsoever by the Authorities, People at large or even Media is taking place.
We have a feeling that since Media is not getting active even after our regular followups and requests to enter into the issue as a common man cannot even live peacefully in this country with citizens who are responsible for degrading the system of the society and the country.
So where is the justice without media intervention as the justice is in hands of the higher ups and people having contacts in this country.
We have left things to Supreme court today hoping that justice may be given at this Apex court atleast.

Answer to Anonymous dated Fruary 10 2007
I still abide by the everlasting fact that Babuji is the only and the last Guru of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. As dictated by his master Shri Lalaji maharaj, which is clearly mentioned in his diaries. Original of which is with us, and is being Published in 7 volumes as Divine Order, Volume 1 to 7.
I am just a succesor representative who is not a master but will be able to make you fell what you felt during Babuji's time. If you have those inner eyes to understand and feel the spiritual transmission. Also make you feel the presence of Babuji.
Only thing which is necessary is that you should be able to feel the actual spiritual transmission What SRCM is known for. Which I guarantee others are not able make you feel.
Answer to Anonymous dated February 11th 2007 at 10.04 AM
Please read the comment written by me in detail. Presently the Ashram is not in the hands of the notorious disciple and his associates as of now.
Hence presently if you are a true abhyasi of Babuji maharaj alone then please do not visit the ashram.
Answer to Anonymous dated February 11th 2007 at 10.09 AM
Original Publications of Babuji's books are available with us.
Babuji's family house is still intact at Shahjahanpur.
Answer to Alexis, Cyril & Others dated 13th Feb 2007 to 19th Feb., 2007
You can post on this site I shall answer all your questions.
Please note that every word written in my comment has authentic proof behind it. Which also includes publications as news in newspapers of the country too.
The prrofs of the same shall be on the net in afew days from now for all of you to gauge and understand the reality on your own.

To see the documents see website www.srcmshahjahanpur.org.in
Navneet [on February 22, 2007 10:42 PM]

Mother & Shri Amresh kumar are fine now. Except for the fact that Sh. Amresh Kumar is now listening things loud. Think his ear has been affected.
Ashram is in name of Shri RAm Chandra Mission and not in name of any Individual. But, presently as per the fact stated earlier yes it is in possession of Chari's people.
There are cases going on in courts. Yes some body has posted an article regarding the case in supreme court. It has been heard on 6th & 7th Feb recently and Yes order is awaited.

Yes! Babuji had done a will and got it refistered in court ay back in 1976 stating that he had lost 4 signed papers and there are chances of its misuse
The meeting referred to in 1984 was a meeting which took place on 6th & 7th February 1984.
The copy of the minutes is available with us and it clearly states that Chari's nomination seem to be false and it also clearly accepts Umesh Chandra's nomination to be in words used by Babuji and elects him as president which was also confirmed by the General Body on 7th Feb., 1984.
It was on Babuji's orders that Shri Umesh Chandra did not be very active for 11 years to avoid these disturbances as Babuji clearly said that like he was poisoned and there were disturbances when he took over from his Guru same is expected after his physical absence.
Let it be clear to all that this is not a fight for money but it is a fight against people mis-representing Babuji. Babuji believed in Quality rather than Quantity. Hence we have been able to maintain Quality people around.
Also notice that the last letter is typed on an Electronic Typewriter, which you all know was not present in India in 1982. Is that not aproof in itself.
Moreover the case in the Apex court of the country has just taken place and decision is awaited have patience for the order and observations made by court.
For your knowledge there were observations from an High Court Judge that the document of Chari doesn't seem to be genuine as the cover letter was of an earlier date (4 days before) and the Certificate as stated by them was not folded and the envelope so submitted was a small sized envelope. The comments that how can a certificate of A4 size come in to a small envelope.!!!!
If you people wan't to be swayed away from reality and be guided by few unnatural claimants and propogators it is your problem not Babuji's. If you believe Babuji is the only Guru for the coming Years than get back to us or else we are not interested in people who don't believe Babuji & his masters orders which also is clearly noted fact as per Babuji's original diary.
How much more clear can a spiritual order be from Babuji's Master be when he has used the word 'Nutfey' in Urdu which you can verify means 'semen' in English. Stating that your successor will come out of your semen. Original Urdu jpeg file is also being published in our Jan-Feb Issue of Sahaj Marg Patrika.
It is SAD to note that People being in spiritual and being with Babujihave not realised who the true successor is. We are here to serve not be severed for standing in cause of Babuji, by not allowing anyone to deviate from the system laid and only of Babuji Maharaj. We happen to be his blood and you would agree blood is thicker than water. We will not be dishonest to our blood.
Also note that any sane person would not fight for a cause even when he is well settled in life and working at a respectable Management level in one of the top 20 Organizations of the country India. We are also not claiming to be Master's we are only saying we are servants following our Guru's Order.
One last thing on the 13th day from my father's unnatural death my younger brother was warned from reaching to Shahjahanpur by car in person on his way if he wanted his life to remain. But he rung us up and said that if Babuji has given us brothers this work we will not care for our life and he moved to wards Shahjahanpur. Soon within next 10 odd kms a Truck directly collided with the car by coming on the wrong side even when my brother changed his lane the truck followed the car and the car was completely damaged beyond repair. Person sitting right on his back seat died on the spot. But my brother had only a small bruise on his forehead that too due to breakage of glass.
Similarly I was also poisoned on the 3rd of February in the year 2003. I vomitted blood as my father did but could survive without any Medicine. All my Nails turned Blue after a day and one of them have still not taken back to the original colour.
This is the last time I am writing this to you if you people have started doubting on Babuji and start believing in his so called true disciples who have not let Babuji live his life then Nature shall only take care of you people.

Read 2nd line of 2nd last para as Year 2006 not 2003.

If you see the last letter of Babuji it clarifies the role of Dr S.P. Srivastava and other 3 people. As my father was instructed not to actively involve till the true disciple only stay in this mission with him to avoid the repetation of history.
Hence Dr. S.P. Srivastava was heading the society as President so that the dispute could be solved and Chari stops his claim. It is only in 1987 when Chari again got up and attacked the Ashram with few of his followers asking to make him the President. the then ADministrative Authorities asked him to leve the town within 15 minutes and Section 398 was put on him and was barred from entring the district boundaries. Copy of the same is also with us. He has never again attemted to visit Shahjahanpur since then.
As far as my father's death is concerned. He was hale & hearty and we were busy with my younger brother's marriage celebrations.
He just had tea in the Ashram given by one of our disciples. felt uneasy and vomitted blood. he tried to control himself and the doctor was called. He said it is case of poison in blood. but he recovered by next morning and the doctor advised him to take a bottle of blood when he reaches Delhi.
He attended the engagement ceremony of my brother on the next day. He was walking but slightly weak because of loss of blood.
We came to Delhi and in the morning at 9:30 AM we took him to a hospital for a bottle of blood. The doctor gave Anaesthesia to him. We objected to it stating that for giving blood we don't give Anaesthesia. Doctor asked nurse to to push my mother out of the room. My father was talking just before the anaesthesia.
At 3:00 PM we came to know that my father had expired. Best part is I did not give this news to my motherfor about 1/2 hour but I received a call from Shahjahanpur that one of Chari's close aid in Shahjahanpur has rung the ashram and said that Sh. Umesh Chandra is no more.
I wondered that his news of death was known only to the doctor, nuse and me how could the news travel to Chari's camp. Later when I broke the news to my mother she cried saying that Chari has succeeded in killing him. When I asked for detail later came to know that about 15 days back one person had overheard Chari's now Secretary saying that we will have to first kill Umesh then his youngest son. because he is an advocate. He also said that they were talking of some doctor who would help them. My father took it lightly.
After relieving my father. The doctor was asked to do postmortem he refused stating no post mortem can be done. Take the body away. My mother was crying too much so we took the body back to our home.
To our surprise Chari's aides were there at our house within 1 hr of our bringing my father's body. When no one has any contacts or even meet them ever.
When we asked the doctor to give a certificate about his death. The doctor writes he was brought to the hospital with no pulse. How can a man go by lift after walking and sitting Chair after Doctor asked him to sit and tell doctor that he just needs a bottle of blood fast so that he could go back home and answers to doctor that he is just feeling weak and will go back home and be alright.
We then ask the hospital to give records of what was the treatment given to my father for just abour 4 hours that he died even when came walking. The Hospital staff refused to hand over the file to us. Which should be given to us as per law.
We later tried to enquire through a doctor to see the file inside the hospital and tell us about the treatment. Doctor of that hospital said that that particular file is not there all other file copies are there. he also said that he had enquired about it from others. he was told that you will not get that particular file. Dont talk about it till things settle.
Hope now every thing is clear. None of the above incident is manipulated it is a true story but nobody pays heed because of money, and Administrative powers etc. supporting him.

I just know one thing that the rings which Babuji wore were all distributed amongst his sons not Chari. Iwas present in Shahjahanpur when Babuji's Trunk & Box was opened.
It doesn't deter from the fact above.

As far as you say Br. Narayana and Ss. Kasturi are highly honest. I don't refute the fact completely. As far Ss. Aksturi is concerned she was the one who in India said that Chari is the successor way back in 1984 which created this divide. She was all praises for Chari till late about Year 2000. It is only when Chari's Aides through her belongings out of Vizag Ashram and told her not to come back then she became against Chari.
Later my father met Ss. Kasturi asking her to come back to the original SRCM. She agreed but with a condition that she should be given the same place as that given by Babuji and that she would only then ask her followers to come along with her. My father said that she is welcome but, with a condition that there can be only one GURU and that is Babuji Maharaj and we don't wan't any more divisions in the system hence we would not allow anyone to propogate that they are their abhyasis. An abhyasi of SRCM should be only follower of one guru that is Babuji, which is in line with the orders of his Guru which is clearly mentioned in the Diary written by Babuji. She said that she will think it over.
As far as Br. Narayan is considered. He did meet my father way back in the late 90's and agred to support us then once the Supreme Court decides. I don't know his stance as of now.
I can only say that I am acting as per the wish of my master that he shall remain the only MAster till the end and I am no Guru. But, surely can make you feel the same transmission (which I hope you consider or have felt by now and is the synonimity of basis of spiritual elevation.) which was felt, during Babuji's time. Only experience proves.
Once again, Only experience of the true spiritual transmission is a test of presence. People following Babuji even after his physical demise know the best as to how they have had the feelings and presence of babuji. There is a saying in India that You can't tell the taste of anything unless you have tasted one.
It is only your materialistic approach which is making you think that you can't devote to man who is death. You are proving that all your forefathers wasted their time in Church, and you are saying against all spiritual & religious leaders which is false. Do not take this as an explanation that we are creating a religion. No we are not and we do agree that religion divides and spirituality unites.
The path of spirituality you also agree was given by Babuji in SRCM for the benefit of mankind. So what is wrong in abiding by his path and stating that he is the GURU and person who has shown us the path. As Prophet Mohammed had shown for a religion and as Gautam Buddha ji had shown for Budhism.
I hope that you will understand the above explanation if you are whee bit spiritual and understand that Life and death are materialistic and spirituality never dies. Hence the person who has shown us this path of spirituality too always remains a Guru. Even if you were truly devoted to Babuji's path you shouldn't have questioned his and his master's directions as a true seeker.
It does not matter to us whether you decide to take the right path or not. We are only doing our duty to guide people to the right & wrong and they are to decide their own fate.
I really don't know of the inconsistencies you are talking about may be these are there because you have still not completely got associated with the true follower who till date only believes in Babuji and his teachings. It may have cropped up because of your you have still not decided to follow a path and are detouring from the first principle of spirituality i.e. think from your heart not your mind. heart is the centre of spirituality. the moment yo start questioning and thinking here and there there is lack of faith in one particular path. Which is the root cause of all this misappropriations of your mind.
We still say follow what Babuji laid down and taught and practice what you are supposed to for your personal spiritual upliftment.
Please make sure that all the explanation is not to forge a new religion but to forge that all human irerespective of their religion, caste, creed, colour and sex have to follw the spiritual upliftment for their progress.
You have also misunderstood tha division in his lineage. Let me clear that we are against the divisions and we still say that Babuji is the oonly GURU and shall remain till the end of this world. Hence we are against anybody calling himself or herself as Master or a Sub-Guru aor demi-Guru. We are also preaching undivided SRCM who believe in only one GURU the founder alone.
Now the question of murder and last letters of Babuji being fake. You have joined in late 80s We also confirmed on various facts written in the last letter. If there are people around you who had attended the Paris function Ask them if it is false that Chari was proclaiming to be next president. Note same has been written in the letter. The letter also has corrections by hand. Babuji, i know you would not know had a peculiarity in his handwriting which is clearly evident from the letter.
As far as the letter of Nomination of my father and his sons is concerned try and connect the last letter with it and try and compare the words so written in the letters. Also do not forget the fact that Babuji never wrote anything about the mission without his Guru's name and directions too. Also do not forget that Babuji used to work in court and a person adept with law will always write in legal accent which the letter of my father's nomination clearly depicts. And the third letter we are saying is a forged one by Chari and am with you. as the content are no one near to the above stated facts.
If Babuji is gone physically, so does his son and his grandsons opposing Chari then no one opposes Chari as President. Is this reason not good enough to remain a GURU for Chari. But fact remains that when there are no takers as per the constitution and bye laws of the Trust it stands dissolved as per law. It will also not go in hands of culprits. I know my life is in Danger by writing all this but I don't want to budge away from the world like a hyena (who attacks and plays tactics) but wan't to die a lion's death.
Chari's poisoning is all crap. he has not stayed in Ashram after Babuji's funeral. Now it is more than 20 years now. He is trying to take sympathy after we put forward this last letter of Babuji. and in this shelter he and is his aides are playing all the games. You will not believe it because none of your family mambers have faced death in this fashion.
Do not forget that any society or organization works by Byelaws and rules laid down in the constitution. Which was laid down Way back in 1945 when I suppose no one of you or for instance even me were the followers of Babuji. It is very clear in it that as per Section 3a & 4b of the same President has to be in Direct line of succession only. At that time and even todat direct line of succession means genetic son and then his son.
Have ever considered that Spirituality is science. You also would agree that we are made of particles and electrons too. which align in aparticular direction. Transmission is magnetic in nature as it is a flow of energy. It is this energy which aligns us towards spiritual goal. Now when Babuji established this mission and was the one who gave the system for others to follow. He had his particles and electrons always aligned to spirituality.
rest is for you people to analyze as to who is the best representative of such a being. This fact has been aptly told by his Guru in his diaries. You just need to correlate things with science of spirituality.
There is saying. that A cat closes his eyes and drinks milk thinking that no one is seeing it drink. but the fact will remain that the milk has been drunk. So if you don't believe on the facts it is your problem not the world around.
Rest is for you to decide from Heart not your Head.

It is sad to note that you did not take my letter in a true essence and spirit. Maybe I thought you were of the know how of what real transmission was at the time of Babuji. In your first para you have started with Ghost and God. I never meant what you feel in the transmission I only meant that the intensity and the subtleness of transmission which was present during Babuji's era is still felt by people with us. who had been associated since Babuji's physical presence.
Moreover, My Grandfather grandfather was clear of the of the differences between Master and God. And it is sorry to note that you have still not gathered the meanining of the master Master is just a Guide to take you to the path of God realization by showing a path towards the god. He also considered Lalaji as his master and not God as his master even after lalaji's physical demise.
Word devoted does not only mean being devoted to god alone. We use the word devoted followers isn't it. What does it connote does it connote only to GOD or does it also convey being devoted to GURU. I don't know how much you will buy this statement 'As a human you should first learn to be devoted to a human who is showing you the path of devotion to the Ulltimate.' Only then you can be a true devotee. If you known of a path directly to God and have direct interface with God like a physical being (what you desire)with no one to guide you. Then you would surely opt for that.
On Question which you may think over is "Is God Physically present and living to show you a path towards him." then why talk about Living Master too, You have his path, his teachings and the directions given by him to follow to reach the Ultimate isn't it. You may feel that I am trying to provocate you. No I am not I am still trying to answer you even after all the words you have used in your past two messages.
I never ever said that you take Babuji as God and Goal neither did babuji ever say so, but I personally have never seen God, but I have seen Babuji only, who has shown us the path. hence I am devoted to him as my Master who has shown me the path of GOD. Unless I don't have full faith and devotion in my Master how can I have devotion to that GOD.
Neither did I have written nor I mean that we place Babuji in place of GOD. But, I still say that we need to imbibe his characteristics of love, faith and devotion to his Master after which he could achieve GOD. Note that his Master was also not Physically present during his lifetime, esp. after forming this Trust, Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
No where is it written that a Spiritual Representative is a GURU. Yes in Diaries of Babuji it is clearly written that you shall be the only Master for times to come because of you work in this field of spirituality. Hence please do not construe that I an a spiritual Aspirant for GURU but yes I am a spiritual spirant like any other person but with a purpose so ordered by my Master, Babuji. You have grossly misunderstood the statement and has overanalyzed it. Maybe, this is uprooting from the fact that all are calling themselves as Guru of Living Master.
Babuji said Give me a chance to serve you. If you feel to continue continue. here too Babuji never insisted anyone to be his disciple and follow his given path. So who are we. Only mistake that may be I have done is to be a bit upright in saying "It does not matter to us whether you decide to take the right path or not. We are only doing our duty to guide people to the right & wrong and they are to decide their own fate."
It just meant that we are trying to tell you some of the facts which are known to us and are a cause of divide and path here does not mean spiritual Path. But means the right spiritual path. Babuji's followers path or Chari's SRCM TM or say ISRC or Ss Kasturi.
I hope you have understood right or wrong. Here as you told in your comment earlier to follow the true master i.e. God. Similarly follow Babuji (the founder of the system) or imposters is the key question.
Moreover Had I not been thinking of people around the world for their betterment, I would have contacted the world through this blog and nor would have answered to you even after you have used words like 'Shut up', imposter, forged for us. It feels bad when you try to be true to world but, the world is such that it never understands your feeling and trueness but always retaliates as you did. in last two messages.
I hope by now you might have realized and may perhaps be convinced that Faith is not only for GOD but also for the Master first as he is the one who has shown you the path of God irrespective of the fact that he is physically dead or alive. Like a mother will always be a mother till you breathe last, A guru shall always be the one who has shown you the ray of path to God realization. If you are not conviv\nced please do not react now take time to think over it and then reply.
To be on path of spirituality you should first be a good human to respect others esp. I never trusted words like 'Shut up' can be used for someone from his family. Then what is the difference between you and Chari. He also said in one of his statement. earlier during babuji's lifetime openly in front of many that BAbuji has gone mad. Please read the Autobiography of Babuji if you have the right version. he has stated very clearly. that even a dog of my Guru's house has to be given all respect.
One of the most important teavchings and basis of babuji is that you have to achieve spirituality even after living your material life. He has also written that Spirituality and materialism are the two wings of the bird and a balance has to be maintained.
Have you seen the society bye laws of Shri Ram Chandra Mission registered with the Registrar of Societies. For your information Most of the byelaws of our society had been written and redrafted by Babuji MAharaj himself. I hope you will appreciate that any Memoradum of a company or a society is a legal document written in legal language.
So when a person can write in legal language and when he is giving a nomination of a society which is legal entity he will have to write in a legal language.
Where is it written that a lawyer cannot write poetry or about sprituality or where is it that a doctor cannot understand or write about any occult sciences. For intsnce are you earning through spirituality or am I earning through spirituality . NO let it be sure neither of us are earning our bread and butter through spirituality. I am a Management Consultant since over 12 years now.
Understand from the saying of Babuji mentioned above you have to create a balance and man leads both life simultaneously spiritiual and material.
Lastly Facts are not for identifying a spiritual path but to make clear that in name of Babuji there are many a claimants but the facts only clarify that Babuji did not want it the way it is now.

You have got things right now. Now to your question of living trainer. Yes it is important to keep the system alive through a live trainer. That is the reason why Babuji has appointed his spiritual representative. Spiritual representative means only as the word suggests representing some one. It does not mean replacing the person. Hence we say GURU cannot be replaced.
Spiritual Representative works with is team of Preceptors which are the trainers appointed by them. hence living Trainers are essential but not to be considered GURU. I hope the word Spiritual representative used till date by all loosely is clear by now.
Had there been a chance of GURU succeeding Babuji. Babuji in his Memorandum of society or in his books would have somewhere written about subsequent Gurus's and not representative only.
Yes, Ido agree that there is a chance that all criminal Activities taking place are by some people close to Chari but I cannot rule out his involvement completely. Because if he was true and not anywhere involved would have had the courtesy to say sorry on their behalf and would have asked them not to continue such activities further. Put yourself in his shoes. When you have come to know of activities done by your people, which you feel is wrong and if you are a good man you will not think twice in saying sorry for the same and also wouldn't you ask your people to stop carrying out such activities against your GURU's family.
Moreover, One more reality which came to us after the death of my Father is that there was a sister and brother who had come to my father stating that their father is an old abhyasi from Babuji's time and they would like to contribute in running of the Mission like his son & daughter would do. My father agreed and they were working since over 10 years. Even during my marriage things given to sisters of groom coming from the brides house was given to this female. My father also got dresses stitched for the two as he got stitched for my brothers during my marriage.
But, just after my father's death one of my brothers school mate met him, when my brother told about my father was President of SRCM at Shahjahanpur and died recently he then stated that he is following SRCMTm of Chari recalled that while he was in Hyderabad and went to pay a visit Chari with his parents about 5 months before my fathers death. He had seen one male and female coming from Shahjahanpur and when Chari was told about it he left the gathering for sometime and took them to a room nearby. This friend of my brother described the appearance of both male & female who had come.
My brother is given tea on the 14th Movember 2003 (about 11 days after my fathers death soon after accident of my brother in night) by this male which, my brother forgets to drink and in the morning one of our abhyasis find that the tea has turned blue and throws away the tea. Mind you the tea which my father drank 4 days before leaving his physical body and vomitted blood was also given by this male.
We got suspicious about the two. We also had seen a remarkable difference in approach of the two over the last few years. Later we found misappropriations done by the Male & female brother & sister.
Ths incident clearly states that Chari was meeting so called close disciple to my father. who my father considered to be fourth son and daughter.
Now a new message was shouted out by Chari's Secretary while beating my mother and Sh. Amresh Kumar ayear back that the male had poisoned Chari in the AShram.
To our knowledge Chari has not come to Ashram and this boy was only 17 years old in 1992 when he came to us and in 1983 this male would have been on 8 years old and he only came to Ashram with his parents only as a child.
Hence since we don't rake the poison issue before he came up with the new story of poison.
Chari's Aides had forcibly taken the Shahjahanpur Ashram way back in April beginning in last year. Now it is a year and Chari has not visited that ashram till now. (it is about a year now.)
You may decide based on the above incident and a reaction so expected from a good man atleast and moreso proclaimed spiritual man whether it is happening in his know how or not. Moreover if any deed is done by a person of a group the head of the group has to intervene and stop the illdeeds or elae he too seems to be party to the same.
I hoe your questions are answered as of now

I think you are new to the system and have not been since Babuji's time and have not read Babuji's literature or even had a glimpse of Babuji's Preceptors Book. This is the reason that you call preceptors as Spiritual Representatives.
Babuji in his Preceptors book made by Babuji has clearly mentioned that Preceptors are nothing more than a 'monitor of the class.' and his duty is that of a sweeper who cleans the abhyasis.
One more clarity on what a preceptor can do. Preceptor can only clean you and cannot take you higher in the journey of Spiritual upliftment. The journey of spiritual upliftment is in teh hands of individual and is directorly propostional to his faith and devotion with a discipline to follow what has been advised to follow the path of Sahaj Marg after complete surrender to his GURU who is the guide to the path.
Please I again say there is lack of complete knowledge of the original literature and preachings of Babuji at your end. And it also seems you have not been communicated rightly or have not captured things rightly. Babuji or for instance even Lalaji never claimed thet they is 'GOD' and Babuji never said that all preceptors are his representatives. From the begining since 1944 as per the literature of Babuji it has been clear that Spiritual Representative(s) are person(s) representing the Guru in times to come.
Babuji never used the word 'Trainer' in his system it is word to make people understand coming from the word Training. Since you used the word Trainer I thought I could try and explain it in your language.
I request you to please not take any other meaning this time too.
Moreover in the memorandum / Constitution and Byelaws of the Mission made by Babuji while establishing Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the clauses 3(b) and 4 (h) of the registered by laws of Shri Ram Chandra Mission is enumerated below.
3(b) It shall work under the sole guidance and control of the Founder or his Spiritual Representative, in the direct line of succession; and he shall be the President of the Mission.
4(h) He shall nominate among his spiritual successors, any person as his representative, who as such will enjoy all the power and authority vested in the President.
Moreover, even his Guru in 1944 defore the establishment of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. I again repeat as per the original diaries of Babuji as written in earlier e-mail also clearly said that your spiritual successor will be your genetic child. He also said that Babuji's lineage shall keep their name alive for the future times to come.
Please don't again pose a question on above two facts which have been made clear earlier too and in the website too.
From this I thing things are clear regarding your question on President, Spiritual Representatives etc.
Regarding Chari's explanation. I have given enough facts for you to understand, consider and analyze. Do what eveer you wan't but facts will remain facts. I don't wan't to discuss on these further.
Hope your Questions are answered.

I just wan't to say that are a very many unfurling facts which most of you don't know. But I have always talked on what is in form of proof / fact / document hence I have not covered many of these instances i.e. one which A old Abhyasi had referred to. Yes my Aunty did point out the same even to me personally.
I would still say that in spirituality the experience of self during meditation is the litmus test for right or wrong.
Dear Old Abhyasi
I have the minutes of meeting letter copy. I agree that there was a planned plot by not one but by 3 people mainly supported by many. If they hear me and must have known that I know of the three meetings that they had during Babuji's Physical presence. If they remember rightly they had offered one more senior person to be a part of 'conspiracy' as called by that individual. On knowing of the same he refuted them in Delhi which was about 5-6 years before Babuji's physical demise. Please this is also like a statement without documentary proof but yes it is as told by that gentleman known to many a people of the mission who are of Babuji's time.
I would just request you to be a bit patient as there will be a time when the dark clouds over our mission will be removed by nature.
Moreover, I think Don is right as That Don which babuji gave the second life at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi is no more alive.
Dear Christian
I think the version of Autobiography that all have are not the true translation. We have come out with only two volumes in English though Volume 3 and Volume 4 are also ready for print. The original translation in in 7 volumes. Why I say it is not original because There have been personal thought put in while translation of the volumes till now. We are adopting an approach wherein what is written in Urdu is being read by a Moulvi A muslim head Priest. recorded by us and then we are translating in a different language. We are getting this done so that people who know about Sahaj Marg don't start putting in their views in between. We have completed Volume 6 in Hindi only one Volume is effectively left to be translated in Hindi.
I don't have a wee bit doudt on your intellect. It is only that mindset which you have which is blocking your Adaptive capability. I never wanted to hurt you.
Regarding Preceptors
In SRCM way yes what you have got is right.
Yes GOD is Ultimate what we all need to strive and connect to.
Correction. Representative is not a word It is Spiritual Representative (in direct line of succession- heir as you said) who is the President.
Spiritual Representative is the President. Preceptors are not on one side. and President is not on the other side.
Preceptors are appointed by the President (the Spiritual Representative who is heir.) by saying a 'specific prayer'(which is longer than our Prayer) of which Babuji had given in original to my Father. While giving the same he did ascertain that this is to be passed on to our successors to come.
There is a difference. Representative is like Babuji was to Lalaji but, the difference is as per autobiography Lalaji blessed Babuji that he has modified the system and has reached to such a level that he shall be the ONLY GURU hereon till Mahapralaya (means till the end of world.). hence it is on order of his GURU that he is our GURU and shall remain forever.
Correction Heir does not work through preceptors.
I think it is time that people who do not know what are the changes in System after Babuji's physical demise I will tell you one more thing what Babuji did in 1981-82 which he confided to my father in June '82. The system then was that preceptors used to request Babuji for pwer to be transmitted to Abhyasis. As a result all the goods and evils of the preceptors were passed on to the abhyasis as they becamme the medium through which the power travelled from Ultimate to Babuji to preceptor to Abhyasi.
The change was felt by Babuji that if he does not remain in physical being and moreover this was creating demi-gurus (As some preceptors started misusing these powers to attract Abhyasis to them.) too. He created a power in the cosmic region which would get activated as soon as the prayer is told by a true seeker, having undeterred faith in BAbuji alone. And the abhyasi would receive Transmission.
Now what is preceptor's job. he directs and varies the intensity of the Transmission from this Power to the Abhyasi(s) without his coming in between the Power created by Babuji and his true seeker.
What is spiritual Representatives job. The prayer (which is being transferred to his heir)is being oferred to Babuji to give is used to allow the preceptor to have access to this power for Transmission control purpose only. Apart from this various other super-natural powers possessed by Babuji to be used by him when desired and directed with a humble request and submission to Babuji for Action. No one else can use the super natural powers of the Power created by Babuji.
This power created by Babuji is directly connected to the Ultimate Power that is GOD. Hence without an OK from Babuji the super natural Powers cannot be used.
Moreover we are not here for miracles but, miracles have to be done from time to time if situation demands. My father has successfully used it and there are many examples of the same. But I insist it is not on miracles that we wan't to base our system.
Please this is for all to absorb only. Mull over it and do not question as this is the way we are successfully practising in our in true SRCM group. Abhyasis of Babuji have each and every feeling as it is explained in the system.
I think this solves your problem. Yes If you are a true seeker then the prayer of Babuji offered by a true follower gets him connected to Ultimate through this power.
One more thing I need to clarify is There is no Navel gazing business in our system. If this is followed by someone. This is nothing but Tantrik Vidya in our country. It has nothing to do with Spirituality. It is an effective method to control an individual. we believe and practice that our journey begins from Heart.
I am saying all this because these are the facts disclosed to me and the usage is person dependant and cannot be taken or learnt. It is as per direction of Nature only that we are here using what Babuji has created.
Surat Function if people remenber was a different experience of Transmisiion. This was a test of the power created by Babuji.
Two more answers to questions that are troubling you.
One why did we not take action based on the letter. For your knowledge the letter was given to my father in 1994 by after which we have filed a case in High court. And the observations of Judge clearly states that there is seems to be involvement of Chari in Shri Ram Chandra ji's murder.
Note that soon after the letter was handed over to my father. After about 3 to 4 months Sh. Jahangirdhar also died on the spot at his residence soon after he was given pills in name of medicine by an individual. the individual was beaten in closed room and asked who was behind it he said I can't name him otherwise he will kill me too. Now I am not saying who is behind it and what was the benefit he could have got.
hence our most solid witness of the person who had received the letter was no more to be produced before the court.
Jahangirdhar also conveyed many a secrets that Babuji had confided to him which were fetal for the future of Sahaj Marg.
I did not tell you this stories of Jahangirdarji and my aunty earlier because we have only living proofs i.e. individuals but no document supporting it. Moreover If I name the individuals who knows they will also lead to a similar death.
Thsi is the reason we are requesting the Head of the country for CBI enquiry.
I wanted that these meassges reach the people at large so that they don't fall in a trap. We wan't them to benefit from the real system. I am not against anybody. But, am raising a voice against anybody who is misrepesenting babuji's system to others.
I am happy that more and more people have got onto this blog. I leave the rest to you people whether to keep discussing or do something in real like a lion what babuji desired rather than just talk ill about the people aroundor question them. Act dont just discuss and talk. join us only if you are a true seeker not an imposter. We are tired of them. Plaese pardon for God Sake now.
Rest the net will speak.
Last but not the least thanks to B and all others for understanding the pains we are facing. Dare to be a party to it not a mere seer.
Regards to all

1) Why Chari was not assisting the working committee? Was it because he was welcome as it seems he was not welcome in Paris, in spite of the invitation?
Chari was not a member of Working Committee after being removed as Scretary by Babuji in 1980. Hence is name does not figure. He did present his nomination while the body of Babuji was still burning in the cremation ceremony as an individual not a working committee member. When people objected asking him to wait till the body is completely burned but he did not even have the courtesy to wait till the body is completely cremated.
2) Why some dates have been modified in wc_meeting_feb_1984.html and gc_meeting_feb1984.html?
Dates were may be wrongly typesd and actual were corrected on the same. If you notice in point 6 of last page the date is written correctly. and the second date that of will offcourse was wrongly written and then re-typed over it. remember we did not have computers at that time in India.
Same is the case in GC meeting letter it is written rightle later.
3) Why was Sarnad later in the SRCMtm (I saw him there in 1999)?
This is the falacy which we had had to face. After he made the circular he despatched 1st lot and then he was asked not to despatch others to all by Chari but, we really don't know the reason why he did not despatch all and we soon came to know that he has joined hands with Chari.
We were lucky that some of them received it and they have remained with us till date.
You would also now appreciate that My father in betterment of the mission and for the sake that mission does not break up why he agreed for Chairman of Goodwill committee so that a senior may act as bridge with Chari. That is Dr. S.P. Srivastava was made Chairman as he was an old Abhyasi/Preceptor. It is only when things could not be controlled by him for a decade long attempt. then my father had to atep in back completely and deal with the situation himself.
Hope the above answers your query and also proves many a stories told to you by others being false too. Rest I leave it to you to judge.

The SRCM is officially created by Babuji on July 21, 1945 in Shahjahanpur, its statutes are registered in Bareilly.
As desired by all and especially you I have put up the Minutes of meeting of Working Committee, General Body and circular.

Some reasons have history behind them and some benefits. All of this is a long story which starts of 10 years before babuji's Physical demise.
Such facts cannot be explained in writing.

We are told on Elodie's Blog that "Sister" Kasturi Chaturvedi and Dinesh Kumar Saxena, grandson of Lalaji and Owner and Web-Master of the NaqshMuMRa site, are now Preceptors of Chari's SRCMtm, registered in California...can anyone confirm that?
Both had joined Chari as I had said earlier and were in his list. But Kasturi Chaturvedi ji as I said had left him after her belongings were thrown out as said earlier.
As far as Dinesh Kumar Saxena ji is concerned. He too had joined Chari as Chari promised to help him marry his daughter. Which, he did so later on hence he was with him. Now, it seems Dinesh Kumar is separating again.
Dear AB
Your question: “Mr. Navneet Kumar, I am able to imagine what happened in this “closed room”. Can you explain if this is the practical application of your spiritual theory in life?
I just narrated the incident which took place and by the person who was involved in questioning the gentleman who was the tool to Sh. Jahangirdar ji’s death. Moreover, just to bring to your notice that Sh. Jehangirdar ji did tell my father 3-4 months before his death that he knows that he will also die, like Babuji died and that was the reason that he gave the last letter of Babuji to my father during his visit to Shahjahanpur.
Out of his explanations it seems to me stated, too, that Babuji (the special personality) seemed to be unable to find out who tried to make an attempt on his life.
Babuji did know that he attempt was being made on his life. His last letter clearly states so too. He also predicted his long hospitalization, which also was true as we know that Babuji was in Hospital from September soon after coming back from Paris to April 19th 1983 (The day of his Mahasamadhi.
Moreover ,as pointed by A old abhyasi about my Aunty stating Babuji’s request of FIR before leaving to Paris also clearly states that Babuji knew what the future had store for him.
Dear M
Your Question : Is the announcement made by Anonymous on March 17th @ 11.52 pm that in July SRCM name will be changed to "Shri Rajagopala Chari Mission" genuine or some kind of wry joke?
I Agree with you, there are legal implications to it. He may not be allowed to use the same name, logo, neither use funds and properties so gathered on Name of ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission.’ Or any other organization floated using the funds so gathered from Shri Ram Chandra Mission or Sahaj Marg. Moreso, if we take a stance he cannot publish any material of Babuji also nor use it in future.
Please I am answering this from legal point of view only. We have always conveyed to anybody approaching from his group that he should separate himself from this system given by Babuji Maharaj and open some other body which, solely runs on his name with no connection whatsoever to Shri Ram Chandra Mission or Babuji Maharaj and his Method.
We believe in ONE MASTER, ONE MISSION & ONE METHOD only, where the Master is Babuji alone, following his teachings and method laid down to achieve our spiritual goal of life.
I agree by your and Chritian’s view on opening the so called to "Shri Rajagopala Chari Mission" – NOT PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE.
Dear Aurelius.
Can you clarify this Navneet? Was Chari with Babuji when he died?
As soon as Babuji arrived at Delhi Airport, Chari just left Babuji at the Airport and went to on of Delhi’s Sr Preceptors house and later soon caught his Flight to Chennai.
My father had gone to America for his treatment, after attending the paris function. He came to know of Babuji’s illness and that he had been taken to Hospital. So he cut short his visit returned back, and then remained with Babuji till he was in the hospital.
Chari was not there at the time of Babuji’s death. But, did reach for the funeral where he did not even touch Babuji’s feet but, started holding meetings in the Ashram with his people and asked them to make him the next president even while Babuji’s Funeral was taking place.
Comment dated March 22, 2007 4:54 AM by Anonymous stated below
MICHAEL - From "Heart to Heart" by P. Rajagopalachari(p 272/3)
" But some people persist in addressing me as "Master". I have been annoyed by this practice myself for two or three reasons, you see, for one thing, it has alienated me from a section of the senior abhyasis of my Master who think I have usurped some sort of position to which I am not entitled, into which I have not grown. Some of them even said that I am responsible for my Msster's untimely demise. That is one thing. The second thing is: I have never claimed to be a Master."
Lastly (I don’t know when the book was published but the above statement clearly states that Chari himself knows that allegations of Murder will come up in due course. !!!!!!
As far as the truth of Don being present at the time of Nomination of Chari is concerned. There shall soon be on net a document putforth by Chari himself to support absence of Don at the time of his Nomination.
There is one more document from the horse’s (Chari’s) mouth expected to clarify and help decide the lot of misled true seekers as what they should decide, after all this.

Reply to Anonymous
Navneetji....please let me know why there is acompetetion for GURU'S position,(a)in spirituality there can be only one GURU,where as in religion there is so called GURU PARAMPARA.(b)THE real MASTER is the one who is with THE ULTIMATE.. only can trasmitt yogic power& rest of them only artificial vibration.... pl explain
We are fighting in line with your thinking as we also agree that there is only one Guru and that is Babuji alone. We have to follow the path of Babuji alone.
We are against anybody following the system given by Babuji and claiming thyself o any other guru of sub-guru
There is no competition of GURU from our side. We have and will always claim Babuji as the only Guru of SRCM.
As far as transmission is concerned, Babuji has taken care of the same before leaving his physical Body. We experience and derive benefit from the same, till now.
Rest we leave it on the seekers expeerience you decide.

Reply to 4d-don
1. Do you have a new link to the Supreme Court of India with your case number that I could place in the Wiki Articles for all to see?
The link to Supreme Court judgement is http://courtnic.nic.in/supremecourt/temp/ac661900p.txt
2. Has there been a judgement on the matter by the Supreme Court of India?
We are still waiting for the judgement. Orders are still reserved. It seems long judgements and supports when decided judges take their own time.
3. Are you still in good health and have the support of good people who would get the word out (to us) in case of accident or mishap? Can you make that public?
Heath is good as of now. Was out of station hence could not reply. we do have support of a good number of people around as of now.
Was out of station, will update some more facts in a few days from now.

Divine Order is printed in Hindi in 7 volumes while two volumes of the seven are in English.
Most of our stock was at Shahjahanpur Ashram at the time of incident way back on 2nd April 2006.
We are waiting for the Supreme court orders after which we may be able to take back the same.
We are already ready to go on for printing of Volume 3,4 and 5 in English but are waiting for appropriate time to do so.

After coming back from Chari left Babuji at the Airport ad proceeded to house of one preceptor in Delhi and said to all the abhyasis that Babuji is being brought by a porter.
Then Kashi Ram Agarwal took Babuji to Shahjahanpur in semi-concscious stage. he was soon brought back to Delhi All India Medical Institute. Where the doctors reported traces of Arsenic found in blood.
Chari after leaving babuji at the Airport proceeded to Chennai. Returned only when some abhyasis of Chennai commented that he should be with Babuji at the Hospital.
My father who had gone to US for his treatment. Cut short his visit and rushed to delhi as soon as he came to know of Babuji's illness. my father Umesh Chandra nursed Babuji as an attendant for eight months of stay in hospital. Had to leave his job for the same as he refused to join till his father was well.
After about 4 months All India Institute claimed that he is allright medically but does not want to get us not eat. 6 months he was shifted to a private hospital, where again doctor commented that his system s working fine but is not ready to eat. Hence he was kept on liquid diet through a pipe.
One day he was absolutely fine as said by Doctor on the 18th April night in 1983. But suddenly Babuji quietly closed his eyes on 19th April morning. though he was absolutely fine as per Doctor a while before closing his eyes too.
Since the case is in supreme court can you inform us what was the outcome of case in lower court ? the case must have been debated in lower courts as well. What was the outcome of it ?
There are many cases in lower court including some criminal cases against Chari which are in progress.
Offcourse the case was not even heard properly on law point in lower courts hence we went to supreme court. As you all know the Apex court only makes new law. Hence we were heard finally in Supreme court for law for amendments in it.
There are many more cases hence it is notn feasible to tell about all it will be seen in our website after a few days.
I was out to celebrate Babuji's 108th Birthday, Out of station for official work and also ill. Am again going out of station will come back and reply further.

Reply to comment of Anonymous dated 29th June
Navneet - Did you say that your Father had received instructions from Babuji for making preceptors? - Audrey.
Yes my grandfather handed over a special prayer which is used to make a preceptor giving him permission to request and connect to divine for transmission. Which has now been handed over to us.
Also note that the prayer ngiven to make a preceptor is such that it works only if it is oferred by a real successor representative. If anyone else offers the same without the consent of the spiritual representative it does not work.

Reply to Your Question
Is it true that Chariji was the only preceptor that was permited to make preceptors in Babuji's life time ?
In mid of Year 1976 when Babuji visited Madras (now called Chennai) he stayed at our house with us. One day Chari took him to his house from morning to evening. It was than he asked for two permissions one to make preceptorsand the other to have all powers of president being the General Secretary.
Babuji refused him on the face. he got so annoyed that he did not come till 3 days to visit Babuji feeling hurt on refusal for the same bluntly by Babuji.
In the year 1973 too Chari, Sister Kasturi and Shri Raghavendra Rao asked Babuji to distribute his power amongst the three as Babuji had grown old as per them so that Sis Kasturi could take care of North India, Bro. Raghvendra Rao to take care of South India and he himself (Chari) to take care of overseas.
On this Babuji proved to them as to what level of spirituality they are in. Babuji transmitted to about 2 and half year child. The child turned red but was still happily playing with Babuji's sandal.
Babuji then asked all the three to close their eyes so that he could transmit to them. In about three to four minutes thay all opened their eyes requesting Babuji to stop transmitting as they would die.
Then Babuji told them that showing his thumb that if I had transmitted this much to this child (showing the first phallenge , upper part of his thumb. I did not even tranmit power equivalent to the tip of his thumb to Chari & others and they could not bear it.
He then said now you can understand what is your level and how could they take his power. All the three got up and left the room.
Babuji wanted to prove that spirituality has no age relevance. and that the child which belonged to his family could easily take more power that any othe three present asking for distribution of Babuji's power.
This incident happened at our house inpresence of Sh. M.D. Jahangirdar ji and my mother they also claim that the power transmitted was so much that none of them could bear the power and all opened their eyes. It is not a story but a true happening which, I am sure Chari and Sis. Kasturi also know fron deep within their heart as to where they actually stood.
This is not a story but an incident. You want to take it take it. Spirituality needs no proving. Take it or leave it.


Témoignage de Navneet Kumar Saxena, petit-fils de Babuji, du 18/01/2007 au 22/08/07, sur Tell Me Truth India